Home Standby Generator Design Overview: The science behind RS20A aesthetic design

Besides being the most aesthetically appealing in its class, the design of Cummins Onan Home Standby generator provides significant operational and performance advantages over its competitors. While designing this product, Cummins Onan engineers considered every aspect of a generator – seamless and efficient operation, lowest noise levels, minimal vibrations, all-weather function, simple installation, and easy maintenance. Not surprisingly, they came up with the quietest and most efficient standby generator in its class.

The RS20A residential generator uses Cummins Onan patented double-walled sound dampening technology. The double-walled generator design utilizes long air-flow paths and acoustic chambers to provide the lowest sound level ever offered in its class – all with the end user and neighbors in mind. Other manufacturers rely on a single wall design that does little to curtail unwanted noise and ultimately result in harsher tones and higher noise levels.

The  air louvers located along the bottom edge of the circular roof provide an efficient inflow and outflow of air even in harsh weather. The height of  the air louvers helps to ensures that the air is not cut-off in case of heavy snow   and the horizontal air louver design reduces water ingestion in heavy rain– to ensure  you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply even in the harshest conditions.

A secure built-in base  not only reduces annoying vibrations, but it also eliminates the need and cost of pouring a concrete slab  – for you to save time and money. Further, a single door lift-off design allows effortless installation and maintenance. Plug and play harnesses also make the installation much quicker and easy to understand.

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