Confirmed – Cummins Onan RS20A Home Standby Generator Electrical Power is Best in Quality

An independent report by SGS U.S. Testing Company compares residential backup generators rated at or near 20 kW made by the top U.S. manufacturers. The tests, which measured and characterized voltage and frequency stability and response time, showed that the RS20A power backup generator from Cummins Onan was clearly superior. In fact, it was the only unit to be rated as G2 (Residential Grade).

The generators were evaluated using the industry standard ISO8528-5 test procedure for rating of G1 (Marginal) or G2 (Residential Grade). This rating takes into account the stability and response time of the electricity delivered from the generator.

How an emergency generator responds to load changes in the home is critical to ensure the devices in the home operate properly, efficiently, and safely. If it takes too long for the voltage or frequency to respond, devices like air conditioners, washing machines, and dimmer switches will stop operating. If the voltage or frequency rises too much or too fast as loads are turned off, expensive electronics or appliances may be damaged. Erratic voltage will also cause lights to flicker and generate disturbing noise from generator.

To ensure proper operation of devices in a home, a G1 rated generator is a bare minimum, and a G2 rated generator is highly recommended.

Our technology that is entrusted with powering top wonders such as Statue of Liberty and critical applications such as firefighter’s vehicles has delivered yet again in providing a reliable performance for household consumers.

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  1. Lucio says

    Interesting & useful data. That will definitely help when selecting a home stand-by generator.

  2. Craig Gelderman says

    The results are pretty definitive. I would think anyone looking for residential standby emergency generator would take one look at the power quality and select a Cummins Onan RS20A over the competition. Do you have information that shows the RS20A as the quietest generator in the market?

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