New white paper on ways of rating and classifying radiators on generator sets

Radiators perform the essential job of cooling a generator set, but there are two different ways of rating their performance, and it is important to know about each to avoid mismatching a radiator and generator.

A new white paper from Cummins Power Generation examines how generator sets radiate heat and the two basic ways that this radiated heat is measured—ambient temperature vs. air on core (AOC). Knowing this distinction is important if a separate, or loose, radiator is to be used with a particular generator. For example, a cooling system rated at 50° C ambient could actually be as much as 10 degrees hotter measured by AOC; a radiator with a 50° C ambient rating would fall short on performance if matched with a generator set that required a 60° C rating measured at the core.

The white paper also discusses the factors that must be taken into account in calculating the necessary ventilation for a generator set, and the advantages of a factory-tested cooling system. You can access the white paper here.

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