New informative videos available from Cummins Power Generation

Online video is a quick, easy way to provide relevant information to people who are seeking helpful expertise but don’t have a lot of extra time to search for it. That’s why Cummins Power Generation has developed several short videos about a variety of topics related to power generation systems.

New videos about the following technical topics are now available on the Cummins Power Generation channel of YouTube: the International Building Code; California’s rigorous seismic code and governing agency (OSHPD); and heating and cooling of generator sets.

The IBC: an introduction
A screen shot from the new video on the International Building Code (IBC) showing a Cummins generator set being tested on a shake table.
The video looks at the International Building Code (IBC) as it relates to power generation equipment, explaining key terms like seismic design category and importance factor. The video also demonstrates how Cummins Power Generation is testing its power generation products to attain the proper certifications for a given project.

OSHPD certification and preapproval
An image from the OSHPD video showing a seismic map of California
This video provides an overview of the seismic building code for healthcare facilities in the state of California. This strict code, which builds on the IBC, is developed and administered by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). The video also examines how emergency power systems can be OSHPD-certified and preapproved for installation in California hospitals and other critical care facilities.

Heating and cooling for generator sets
An image from the video on cooling generator sets showing a cogeneration application.
This video discusses how radiated heat from a generator can be controlled with well-designed ventilation. It also explains how radiators for generator sets are classified and rated, and the two different ways that the performance of cooling systems can be measured. Finally, the video considers how Cummins designs and tests complete generator set systems, eliminating potential problems from mismatched radiators and generators.

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