New prime power case history on Jaguar Mine

The discovery of gold in Kalgoorlie by Paddy Hannan in 1893 led to one of Australia’s great gold rushes. Today, the Kalgoorlie region in Western Australia is still an important mining center. One of the newer players in the area is Jabiru Metals — an Australian base metals company — and one of its major operations is Jaguar Mine.

The company had to provide power for the mine, but the prospect of relying exclusively on diesel fuel was not attractive because of the cost. Indeed, with diesel fuel costs soaring, Jabiru Metals knew it instead wanted to take advantage of the relatively low cost of natural gas and use gas-powered generator sets for its prime power requirements.

The company decided that the best technical and commercial solution came from Cummins Power Generation’s Energy Solutions Business. “Our research showed that Cummins had a very good reputation in terms of gas generator sets,” said Victoria Twiss, a key member of Jabiru Metals’ project management team on the Jaguar project. “We needed to be assured of generator reliability because of the mine’s remote location and the production targets that have to be met.”

The mine’s four QSV911 gas generator sets are powered by lean-burn, spark-ignited Cummins gas engines — 91-liter, V18 units with turbocharging and aftercooling. The generator sets are maintained under a contract managed by Cummins Kalgoorlie and Cummins Perth.

Read the entire case history here.

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