Movistar Telefónica of Venezuela chooses Cummins Power Generation to ensure reliable cellular service

Movistar, a major mobile phone company owned by Telefónica Móviles, operates in many Latin American countries as well as Spain. To ensure reliable service for its customers, Movistar Telefónica in Venezuela, the country’s cellular market leader, recently purchased 54 generator sets from Cummins Power Generation to provide standby power for its network of cellular transmission towers.

Venezuela is one of Movistar Telefónica’s largest markets. Though a relatively small country, Venezuela has a high demand for both voice and data capability. In fact, the country is a world leader in terms of BlackBerry units per inhabitant.

To support the high demand for cellular service and prevent breakdowns in communications due to a lack of power, Movistar purchased 54 C30 D6 generator sets, with fairing. They are also fitted with PCC 1.1 controls and electronic governors designed for use with cell phone towers.

The generator sets are being manufactured in India, and several have already been delivered. While they are being purchased for standby use, it is likely that some will be in service for up to four hours per day, because utility power in some regions of the country can sometimes be sporadic.

The local Cummins distributor, Dieselval, played a critical role in the sale. Movistar credits Dieselval’s reputation for service as a key factor in the decision to go with Cummins Power Generation. Moreover, the customer felt that Cummins products offered quality, performance and value. The success of this project will give Cummins an edge in Movistar’s next project.

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