Energy Company Expands its Operations with Cummins Power Generation

The Lonsdale 20MW non-scheduled peaking power generation facility has been relocated; fully operational and now installed with new emissions technology to satisfy the current regulation that the plant has been commissioned to by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Relocated 20MW Lonsdale Peaking Plant

New 65MW Port Stanvac Site

With Adelaide experiencing its wettest winter yet in eighteen years, Cummins Power Generation have worked through the adversity with the new 65MW Port Stanvac project as it continues its advancement with commissioning planned to commence in early December 2010.

Following up with my previous article on this project, the 12 X QSK60G4 generator sets have been placed with the second of the three power houses – with power house one and two cooling towers installed, the two elevated 11KV switchrooms installed onto their footings and the two 66KV transformers placed within their containment areas.

Development is on the way as installing and connecting the kilometres of medium voltage cabling and control calling which is required throughout the site, footings for the control room and 11KV/415V station power transformers, the building of the third power house- all of which have already commenced.

Cooling towers power house one and two

QSK60G4 Gensets

11KV Switchboard contained within one of the elevated switchrooms

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates in months to come on this exciting Cummins Power Generation project.

  1. Hary Purwanto says

    Ouw great !!! Big project.
    What control for those gensets…PCC or ?

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