Cummins Inc. financial performance recognized by The Wall Street Journal

In a year-end review, the January 3, 2011, issue of The Wall Street Journal highlights the biggest gainers and losers among U.S. stocks. Cummins Inc. is recognized as the third-best performer in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index of large-cap stocks.

The article comments, “Perhaps less noticed was the index’s bronze medal winner, truck-engine maker Cummins Inc. The Columbus, Ind., firm rose 140%, as investors cheered its exposure to Latin America and Asia.” An accompanying table shows Cummins 2010 performance in fourth place among all large-cap U.S. stocks and notes that both revenue and profits were strong.

Of course, customers of Cummins Power Generation know that Cummins makes a lot more than truck engines. The article is available here

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