Cargill, one of the largest companies in the global food sector, acquires Cummins Generator Sets.

With its robust presence in the agricultural, foodindustrialfinancial and risk management sectors, Cargill is a worldwide enterprise. With headquarters in the United States, the company is present in 66 countries and five continents, with a total 130 thousand employees.

In its latest expansion and investment plan, Cargill Carnes de América Central, which has six units in Honduras and employs 2,500 people in the country, opened a new hatchery. Cargill is represented in this region by Grupo Alcon, a consortium comprising Pronorsa, Delicia, Prasa, Rasa and Alcon.

The investment in expansion amounts to approximately 60 million US dollars earmarked to increase production capacity in Honduras. This investment enables the addition of new farms in the central region and north of the country, bolstering the company’s objective of expanding its share of the meat market.

It is evident that with such great expectations and investments, in order to support such expansion it is necessary to have available large amounts of reliable electric energy, ensuring excellence of performance in each step of the business. For this reason, with the assistance of Local Distributor Laesiz, Cargill will start to make use of Cummins Power Generation energy. One model DFLE Generator Set producing 1,500kVA is being supplied, to ensure that energy is not lacking to make a success of the expansion.

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