Cummins Power Generation provides power solution for Tour Evasion skyscraper in Paris.

The Tour Evasion 2000, a famous 85 metres high Parisian skyscraper, which is dedicated to residential use, chose Cummins France to deliver a new solution for its emergency power needs. The project was part of a recent renovation of the landmark tower.

The 3.5 ton Cummins C500 D5 generator was lifted to the 32nd floor by a 300 ton, 110-meter high crane, providing local Parisians with an exciting spectacle. The installation platform, where the generator was placed, is located on the skyscraper’s terrace.

The generator was specially designed and manufactured to the exact dimensions of the opening on the installation platform. What’s more, to make the installation easier, and to adhere to installation process weight restrictions, the alternator was disassembled from the system and then reassembled once in place. Following its successful installation, the generator will ensure both light and power to the structure’s water superchargers in case of fire.

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