Cummins energy, present yet again, supports expansion of important textile factory.

Gildan, a textile company with headquarters in Montreal, is an important manufacturer of sports shirts and socks, supplying its products to different countries round the world. The company, one of whose subsidiaries is in Honduras, has decided to invest in the region opening new factories and extending those already existing in the country.

To do so, naturally, it relied on the competence and quality of Cummins Power Generation energy. The project was put in place jointly with local distributor Laeisz, which has already worked with Gildan in two earlier phases. Initially, the project consisted of 4 model DFLE 1500kW Cummins Generator Sets. This procedure was carried out in April. Shortly after, a second stage: 2 model DFLE 1500kW Cummins Generator Sets supplied in the 3rd quarter, both in 2010.

Now, the third phase of the project, which is still ahead: consisting of 5 model DQKB 1750kW and 2 model DFLC 1250kW Cummins Generator Sets. Both are to be supplied for Standby/Emergency application.  With this new installation, which will complement existing plants and production lines, the company’s continuous production will be safer. Yet another project enjoying Laeisz Group’s excellent participation, which, among other factors, confirmed the quality of the equipment, as well as good service and attention.

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