Cummins Power Generation powers Four Seasons in Thailand

No matter how far, no matter how high… the Cummins spirit can conquer all.

As a renowned five-star hideaway host, the Four Seasons Resort takes pride in tending to every aspect of their guests’ comfort and needs. Ensuring that their line of service and hosting is not interrupted requires a highly reliable energy source. Being located on a remote island further raise challenges like accessibility, transportation and facilitating the setting up of equipment and installations.

Cummins Power Generation enters the equation as the ideal solution provider. Minor Corporation Limited, the Resort’s managing company, chose Cummins to support the Resort with its power generator system because of these key factors – a highly reliable, high performance energy source and round-the-clock support.

And because all parts and components are from Cummins Power Generation, they could be individually transported, and then speedily assembled and tested on-site. Thereafter, maintenance and after-care are ensured with a professional Cummins crew tending to the generator sets every 10 days.

Two units of 1675 D5 with 1500 kVA prime power rating were installed. Their capacity of 50 liter and V15 cylinders ensures continuous power even under the harshest of conditions. These generator sets from the latest KTA range are jacket water after-cooled with a 2-pump, 2-loop cooling system. The inbuilt step timing control system assure that optimum engine timing is achieved at all combinations of loads and temperature variations, improving cold starting light load, and reducing fuel consumption.

Since installation of the seamless single-source power supply system, Four Seasons has received a reduction in guests’ complaints of power problems.

Cummins has yet again achieved excellence in providing outstanding products and service, and proving why we continue to be the industry leader.

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