Cummins Onan proud to be a member of Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association

The Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association (FAMA) is a nonprofit trade association that was organized in 1946. Members of FAMA are committed to enhancing the quality of the fire apparatus industry and assisting the emergency service community through the manufacture and sale of safe, efficient fire apparatus and equipment. Cummins Onan is proud of its continuing membership in this important trade organization.

Cummins Onan is included in a member listing on the FAMA website. Membership also entitles Cummins Onan to the use of FAMA’s full resource library. This shared access is important because, through subcommittees, FAMA members work together and with numerous industry experts in recommending safe, practical solutions that assist the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in the formulation of standards.

Those standards are implemented in fire trucks and other emergency vehicles that need to carry a lot of equipment in limited space. Cummins Onan engineers are constantly developing new ways to help put more power into these vehicles without taking up more space. For example, Cummins Onan hydraulic and PTO generators fit into compartments a fraction of the size needed for diesel generators. Each of our generators is designed to provide reliable power, quiet operation, easy maintenance and compact installation.

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