Cummins Onan to Present Webinar on Air-Cooled Generators for Residential Standby Power

Cummins Onan will present a free webinar on its air-cooled generators for home standby power. The webinar will focus on air-cooled generators from 13 to 20 kilowatts. These include the RS13A/C, and RS20A/C models.

The webinar will take place on June 6, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. CDT. Cummins Onan Residential Standby Application Engineer, John Dixon, will lead the presentation. Electrical contractors can register for the webinar here.

The webinar is aimed at electrical contractors who work on homes. Chad Boutet, a marketing manager for the residential standby business, emphasizes that, “Nothing adds value and peace of mind for homeowners like a reliable home standby power system. It keeps the family secure and comfortable during power outages. We want electrical contractors to be familiar with the features and benefits of these generators, and the important details about their installation and maintenance.”

These reliable home standby power systems come with a number of advanced features. For example, the products feature convenient maintenance reminders via the in-home display or web interface updates and can send service emails to the desired maintenance company. Also, the remote monitoring feature enables the homeowner to interact with the generator from anywhere in the world. The durable aluminum enclosure with polypropylene lid, lift-off front panel and built-in mounting base provide easy installation.

  1. Ana says

    Cordial saludo,
    Como puedo inscribirme para poder ver el webinar del 6 de junio “Cummins Onan Residential Standby Application” ?
    Es a la 1pm hora de Minneapolis?
    Ana Maria Patiño

  2. Thanks to all the team who are basically working for the revolution and started the thought process with expertise and simple common sense, I would love to join this Webinar if it doesn’t clash with our schedule.

  3. Arvind Sharma says

    Is air cooling system suitable for Indian temperature conditions? How it is compared to coolant cooled DG sets? Regards.

  4. Chad Boutet says

    Thanks for the question. There are many factors that determine the prime operating range for generators. The RS20A maximum wattage or maximum current are subject to and limited by such factors as fuel Btu content, ambient temperature, altitude, engine power and condition, etc. Full
    rated power available at 60F (15.5C) and sea level. Derate 3.5% for each 1000 ft (304.8 m) above sea level and 3% for each 10F (5.5C) increase in ambient temperature above 60F(15.5C). Depending on the above factors, a Diesel generator may offer better performance due to the liquid cooled engine.

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