Cummins earns repeat business from Tigo in El Savador.

Telecommunications has become an essential and growing part of our daily lives. Tigo, one of Latin America’s largest companies in the telecommunications segment, decided to capitalize on the trend by offering its subscriber base of more than 30 million users, higher quality signals and coverage. To support its mission and reputation for excellence, Tigo elected to award the project to Cummins Power Generation with whom it had developed other successful projects.

Relying on the support of local Cummins Distributor, Maquinaria Salvadoreña, Cummins supplied 19 generator sets, for standby use. These included 16 DSKBA, 60 Hz, for 20 kW power, and 3 model DGBBls, for 44 kVA.

Significant factors in Tigo’s decision to choose Cummins included the relationship Cummins has been fostering with it for several years as well as the quality and reliability of Cummins equipment.

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