Cummins Power Generation Asia Pac Customer Support Group discussed Service Excellence at Bali Service Conference

Cummins Power Generation Asia Pacific Customer Support Group recently held a Service Conference in Bali, Indonesia, on the 7th April 2011.

The conference covered several topics including those on Global PowerGen Service and an update on Service Business Development presented by guest speakers David Held and Greg Prussman from USA. David Held introduced the topic on Global Service Organization, its Strategy, Functional Excellence and the Improvement works undertaken by the Global & Regional Service Team.

In his speech, Greg Prussman stressed the importance of Service Business Development that aims to help build capability in the Service Channel, achieved through communication, assessment, development and implementation of collaborative improvement plans. The aim is to enable our Distributor network to guarantee proper service, maintenance and support of our products, integrating all product support requirements to facilitate timely issue resolution.

A total of 44 participants attended this Service Conference, comprising mostly of Distributors’ Service Managers and Field Service Engineers from the region.

Grace Lee, Manager, PowerGen Service Asia Pacific said: “Together with Engine Business Unit & Asia Pacific Distributor Business, we have successfully hosted the Cross Business Unit Service Conference in Bali. I would like to thank all our Distributors in their support and engagement. During the conference, we have received some good and constructive feedbacks that will enable us to better understand our Distributors’ requirements and we will be able to work more effectively moving forward. We would also like to thank PT Altrak, our Distributor in Indonesia for co-hosting this event in their territory and rendered excellence local support for all the participants.”

Muneer Hullur from Cummins India Limited, presented and held discussions with Asiapac Distributors’ Field Service Engineers on the Product Quality Improvements being undertaken in CPGI, India over the years.

The rest of the conference included updates on Asiapac Customer Support, Commercial Products, Power Electronics and Aftermarket Parts. For Asiapac Customer Support updates, Grace Lee stressed the importance of Issue Tracking System (ITS) utilization. This is part of the group’s strategy to increase responsiveness and support for Customer Service Excellence. With the implementation of weekly Field Escalation meetings, our response time on Service Engineering issues reported within the region has been drastically improved.

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