Cummins Power Generation Announces the Availability of Rating-Certified KTA19G Engines

Cummins Power Generation Inc., a division of Cummins Inc. (NYSE:CMI), has announced the availability of KTA19G engines ratingcertified to 40 CFR Part 60 in the Code of Federal Regulations. The KTA19G engines use an electronically fueled gas engine ignition system that allows anin-cylinder emissions solution without the need for an aftertreatment device. Orders for the newly released certified product are being accepted as ofAugust 1, 2011.
Only a few months ago, in April of 2011, Cummins launched the GTA855E, also NSPS rating-certified to the emergency standard, from Clovis, New Mexico. George Iarca, North America G-Drive Sales and Marketing manager, said, “This rating certification for the KTA19G engine is further evidence of Cummins Power Generation’s commitment to developing engines that meet or exceed all applicable emissions regulations.”
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