Cummins energy working for Rede Record, in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

Rede Record is a major TV station in Brazil, and has been increasingly expanding its business. One highlight is the construction of the largest journalistic complex in upstate São Paulo, located in the city of Ribeirão Preto. This structure required considerable energy support in order to ensure both safety and continued operations in the event of grid failures. Rede Record turned to Cummins for the solution given the company’s reputation for quality products and services, as well as turnkey project management.

The order fulfilled included one model C400 D6 60Hz 500 kVA Cummins Power Generation generator set for use in Standby / Emergency mode, with an open transfer system. This generator set is also equipped with a PCC 1301 Cummins PowerCommandTM Digital Control, a GTEC 800Amp Transfer Switch and a 75 dB noise muffling kit.

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