Cummins Onan at METS: record attendance, busy booth, well-received seminars

The Marine Equipment Trade Show, or METS, was held in Amsterdam November 15–17, and it broke last year’s attendance record by 2%. Cummins Onan participated in this largest trade show for boats and marine equipment. We hosted lots of activity in our booth and had a good turnout for our two seminars on the important topic of reducing vibration in marine generators.

Vibration has long been one of the key issues challenging the marine industry. Cummins Onan has relentlessly devoted decades of design and optimization to manufacture the quietest generator sets with the least vibration. Both of our seminars on reducing vibration — one basic and one advanced — were led by Steve Seidlitz, a senior technical advisor at Cummins Power Generation with 39 years of industry experience. Steve is an expert in mechanical dynamics related to vibration control.

The basic seminar dealt with fundamental concepts and terms, covering these topics:

• Why We Care About Excessive Vibration
• Mechanical Dynamics
• Frequency Domain and Why Working in It Is Very Important
• Resonances
• Engine Order and Excitation
• Place to Go for Continuing Education

The advanced seminar delved into the following:

• Mounting System Design
• Importance of the Generator Set’s Supporting Structure
• Taking Vibration Measurements
• What These Measurements Tell Us
• The Problem with Using Overall Vibration Levels

Steve will be using information he presented in the seminars as the basis for a white paper on vibration that will be published in 2012. We’ll let you know when it’s available, so stay tuned!

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