Diesel Progress covers Cummins Power Generation Acoustical Testing Center with in-depth profile

Our new Acoustical Testing Center (ATC) is “making more noise”—pun intended. The interior of the hemi-anechoic testing chamber is featured on the cover of the November issue of the North American edition of Diesel Progress, a leading trade publication. An in-depth article follows inside.

Written by Mike Brezonick, Associate Publisher, the article includes additional photos of the building and describes the ATC and its purpose. Brezonick notes the increase in noise regulations for generator sets around the world, and how Cummins Power Generation is working to meet that challenge and gain a competitive advantage with the development of quieter power systems.

Martin Myers, the Director of Global Applied Technology for Cummins Power Generation was interviewed for the article. He comments on the patented, sound-absorbing wedges; the advantages of precisely controlled indoor testing; and the mix of performance testing, development work, and technology development projects that the ATC will handle.

The article concludes with a quote from Myers: “We have a whole range of things planned out to be doing in this building, which would not have been done or could not have been done to the same level that we’re going to be able to do. It’s a huge competitive advantage to be able to do this kind of work at this level of integrity. The building is capable of running 24/7, so I think there’s a lot of opportunity.”

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