Cummins Power Generation marks 50-Year milestone in Japan.

30th October 2011 was a milestone for Cummins Power Generation’s presence in Japan, when the country’s distributor Cummins Japan Ltd celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Cummins Japan Ltd (CJL) was established in 1961 as Komatsu-Cummins Sales Co. Ltd, a 50-50 joint venture that produced the N743 engines, made under license agreement at the Komatsu Oyama Plant. In 1985, Cummins Diesel (Japan) Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins Inc. took over the business at Komatsu-Cummins Sales Co Ltd when licensing agreement terminated.

In 2002, Cummins Diesel (Japan) Ltd merged with Cummins North Asia (also established 50 years ago as a branch of Cummins Inc.) and Cummins Japan Ltd. was inaugurated.

Showing respect to the restoring efforts for the March 11 disaster, an internal celebration party was organized in place of the grander affair originally planned that would have included customers, dealer partners and employees.

On their way back to the States, CEO Tim Solso and COO Tom Linebarger attended the 21st October event, and presented the strategic importance of the Japanese market for the Cummins power brand.

All CJL employees appreciate support from customers, partners, and colleagues from the global Cummins family over the years, and look forward to deliver even more success and impressive results for the years to come.

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