Cummins Power Generation L&L Seminar in Venezuela.

Yet another edition of our Lunch & Learn seminars took place in the city of Venezuela, carried out by local distributor Dieselval. The seminar was attended by 25 representatives of important companies such as Dina de Occidente, Occidental de Camiones y Servicios, Multiservices LVM, C.A Diario Panorama, RoxarInc, Pirelli, Carbones del Guasare, Carbones de la Guajira, Preston, Grupo Mixto Americano, Iteveca, Agropecuaria el Silencio, Cementos Catatumbo and PDVSA-GASPROM.

The subjects of most interest to the public were Recommendations for Installation of Generators, Criteria for Correct Sizing of Generators, Automatic Transfer Systems and Electric Self-Generation Systems. Cummins Power Generation’s engineers Abel Chacón and Miguel Jiménez took part in the event, explaining cutting-edge technology and systems in global markets.

Cummins Power Generation proposing initiatives of global interest.

  1. Akande Kayode says

    I was told by my boss about having seminar in Venezuela and that is why i am applying. hoping to receive from you soon. thanks

  2. Gozie says

    I will like to attend the up coming seminar in Venezuela.I have my visa already,please kindly send me an invitation.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Gozie chukwuchebem

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