Cummins Power Generation Fuels Innovation at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World CongressThere’s no business like show business…especially if that show is Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Day one of the annual mega-event has kicked off with representatives from all corners of the telecoms world eager to show off what’s hot in apps, devices and technology in a collective lifting of the veil on mobile’s next big issues.

Like the great and powerful Oz behind the green curtain (except in this case it’s a great and powerful green genset), Cummins Power Generation is proud to provide the behind-the-scenes, energy- generating muscle that will keep the industry innovating.

So whether you are a mobile operator wondering how to capture the next billion mobile subscribers in the emerging markets’ rural areas, a member of the press looking for a fresh angle on what’s fuelling the infrastructure buzz this year at MWC, or someone who’s just plain curious as to what 50 Hz of rugged reliability producing 17 kVA standby, 15 kVA prime power actually looks like….

…catch up with the Cummins Power Generation team in Hall 2.1 – 2.1E76.

There’s something for everyone at this year’s Mobile World Congress

  • Media: Our Online Press Kit is available for download  
  • Telco Operators: Our team of experts is on site at the stand to discuss your prime and standby power requirements for cell sites, switching stations and data centers. Join us for a drink at the stand at 5pm today (Monday 27th) and see the newly launched C17D5T on display. RSVP .  
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We look forward to meeting you this week!

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