University of Honduras, UNITEC, makes sure of more energy with Cummins Power Generation.

UNITEC, a private upper education entity, is considered an alternative to university teaching, due to both its innovative academic product and its educational proposition and model. The last five years have seen a substantial increase in the number of students countrywide, and it’s known as the only university in Honduras to offer students and teaching staff broad international academic mobility. Because of this meaningful development, over recent years the university has identified a need: to supply energy throughout the campus, thus raising confidence in the system’s efficiency and ensuring 100% availability of energy for its datacenter. To this end, they resorted to our energy solutions

The project involved the installation of a 750 kW Generator Set to feed the internal grid of the campus, a transformer and a Transfer Switch for medium voltage, ensuring greater safety in the event of system failure, as well as ensuring the energy needed for the construction of new university buildings.

Success was ensured, and the customer was fully satisfied with results. All this is due to our team’s technical competence and the quality of our equipment.

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