Cummins Power Generation helps keep trucking company rolling

D&T Trucking specialized in delivering refrigerated loads across the country. But one morning everything ground to a halt, thanks to a power outage at the St. Paul, Minnesota headquarters. With power gone, the drivers of the 125 reefer trucks on the road weren’t reachable — their cell phone numbers were stored on the office computers. None of the office software applications were available, the fuel pumps were out of action and potential new business calls went unanswered.

The owner resolved that his business would never again be knocked out by a loss of grid power. Taking advantage of the fact that the company had thousands of gallons of diesel fuel in underground tanks, he worked with Cummins NPower, the local distributor, and Heights Electric, a local electrical contractor, to size and install a standby diesel generator set and automatic transfer switch.

As the owner anticipated, there were indeed subsequent grid outages. But the Cummins system never failed to deliver backup power, ensuring smooth business as usual for D&T — trucks rolling out and customer calls rolling in. Read the complete D&T Trucking case history here.

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