Airport in China gets big energy savings with CCHP and Cummins Power Generation


A combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) solution for the Changsha Huanghua International Airport, the largest building in central China and the fifth-largest in the country, is explored in a new interactive case study from Cummins Power Generation.

Cummins designed a complete CCHP system that uses two Cummins Power Generation C1160N5C lean-burn gas generator sets, equipped with Cummins QSK60 gas engines, to deliver 2.3 MW of prime power for the airport’s more than 15 million annual visitors.

The generator sets provide a daily power supply for the airport, while waste heat is recovered for cooling water, domestic hot water and heating in winter, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs. Besides the electrical savings, the trigeneration system reduces 4,400 tons of CO2 emissions compared with a conventional air conditioner.

“These 1,160 kW lean-burn generator sets are able to improve the total utilization rate of natural gas to more than 90 percent,” said Liu Guolin, airport deputy president.

The generator sets are paralleled to the utility power grid without exporting electricity to the grid, and if utility power fails, they work in island mode to keep key electrical equipment running.

Changsha ENN Broad Energy Services Co. Ltd. is responsible for project investment, construction and maintenance. This is the first cooperative energy project in the civil aviation industry, implemented by the investor’s JV with Hunan Airport Corporation.

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