Cummins Power Generation products for prime and rental feature at Global Petroleum Show

Two generator sets from Cummins Power Generation were on display at the outdoor area taken by Cummins at this year’s Global Petroleum Show in Canada.

The Global Petroleum Show held from 7-9 June at Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, brought together leading oil and gas companies from over 80 countries. Cummins used the occasion to showcase the benefits and capabilities of its power generation product range, exhibiting diesel-powered generator sets for both rental and non-rental customers in its outdoor stand.

Representing Prime Diesel was a 500 kW US EPA Tier 2 emissions certified DFEK generator set, powered by a QSX15-G9 engine. This range of units features an electrically-operated breaker option to allow simplified paralleling, and a range of weather protective and sound attenuated enclosures. The unit on display was rated for prime power and equipped with PowerCommand® 2100 control. A PowerCommand® 3.3 option adds Masterless Load Demand (MLD) technology to the featured set. MLD allows multiple generator sets to automatically turn on or off in response to varying load demand, helping optimize peak running conditions, fuel consumption and generator life.

Representing Prime Rental was a 200 kW US EPA Tier 4 Final certified generator set for mobile applications, powered by a QSB7 engine. Cummins mobile generator sets feature integrated paralleling and MLD capabilities from 150-2000 kW. Units in this range also benefit from improved fuel efficiency over Tier 3, validated reliability in low load and low ambient conditions, and have the advantages of the PowerCommand® 3.3 controller. They also offer a wider and more flexible choice of voltage options, explains Emily Kocik, Marketing & Strategy Manager – Global Rental Segment.

“For example, if a customer has a temporary power need for 400 kW, then they could parallel 2 x 200 kW generators together. This allows customers to meet peak demand when needed and scale back to lower demands at other times. The paralleled units communicate with each other to determine when one or both are needed to meet demand. This flexibility is becoming very important for customers.”

The power generation products on display were just part of a wide selection of Cummins products and technologies represented at the show, including solutions for after-treatment, filtration and drilling power.

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