Cummins rental power expands fleet in Kuwait

JTC- Power Rental3

Jassim Transport and Stevedoring Co (JTC) of Kuwait provides rental power, equipment leasing, port management and contract logistics to its customers who operate oil and gas fields and other industrial construction sites. When JTC was looking to expand its fleet of rental generator sets to serve more customers, it turned to Cummins.

“JTC is a rapidly emerging power rental player in the Middle Eastern market,” said Hariprasad M., Division Head – Power Rental. “Our expanded operations required custom-made units on short notice.”

GTE, Cummins’ authorized distributor in Kuwait, provided the technical sales support, customization and delivery of the 45 Cummins rental generator sets. The sale included 15 units of the C350D5 model and 10 each of C275D5, C220D5 and C170D5. The dual-frequency 50/60 Hz units will be deployed to various sites across Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The Cummins rental generators are noise-attenuated and weather-protected, with locally enclosed canopies to contain spills.

JTC2With about 100 Cummins units in its existing power rental fleet, JTC once again chose Cummins and its distribution partner GTE for strong customer service, brand reputation, ability to meet customer specs, fast deliveries and The Power of One™ offered by Cummins – that all major components are designed and manufactured into one complete, seamless product from top to bottom, delivered and supported through a unified, worldwide organization.

GTE provided unmatched pre-sale and aftersales support through a team of expert sales and application engineers, quickly adapting to technical requirements and arranging the customer’s visit to the Cummins campuses in India to get a close-up look at the manufacturing processes and quality standards.

“To meet our increased demand for power generation requirements with our customized specifications, GTE and Cummins have responded swiftly. We look forward to a long-term business association with Cummins and GTE,” said Diliph Isac, JTC Procurement Manager.

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