Cummins provides prime power for hydroelectric dam sites in northern Pakistan

Jagraan-II Hydel Power Project

Frontier Works Organization based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan has been a regular customer of Cummins since 2012. For critical projects like that of two major dam construction projects that will produce 131 MW of electricity in the northern region, the choice was clear: Product quality and reliability of the Cummins power system, along with the engineering capabilities, quick response and aftersales services of Orient Energy Systems (Pvt.) Limited far exceeds what the competition offers. OES maintains a positive relationship with the customer for these reasons.

Sixteen Cummins generators (5 x C110D5, 4 x C350D5 and 7 x C400D5) are providing prime power for heavy construction and tunnel boring machines for civil works of the hydroelectric power projects.

The Jagraan-II Hydel Power Project is located in the Jammu Kashmir region of northern Pakistan. The dam will produce 48 MW of electricity starting June 2018. The project’s main works include the diversion cofferdam, underground desilting basin, headrace tunnel, shaft, penstock, powerhouse, substation, electromechanical equipment and metal structures.

The Kurram Tangi Dam is being built on the Kurram River in Bannu and North Waziristan Agency in northwestern Pakistan. The dam will irrigate a command area of 84,380 acres and will have hydro-power generation capacity of 83.4 MW starting September 2018. The dam will also supplement 278,000 acres of the existing system of Civil and Marwat Canals.


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