The clock is ticking on Tier 2…


The clock is ticking on Tier 2…

…but it is not too late to make use of the remaining Cummins Tier 2 FLEX credit program for rental/mobile power generation applications.  The Tier 2 FLEX program, introduced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), was designed to offer generator set manufacturers a grace period between emissions levels.  The program allows generator set manufacturers to sell a predetermined number of existing Tier 2 generators to customers in advance of the next emissions level, Tier 4 Final.  Purchasing a Tier 2 generator set gives customers added flexibility in finding the right solution to meet their needs.

In North America, Cummins has a varied portfolio of Tier 2 high-horsepower containerized products eligible for this program, ranging from 500 kW to 2 MW.  These Tier 2 mobile power generation systems meet the U.S. EPA criteria for use in prime and standby applications.  These generators include the latest in controls technology with the PowerCommand® Control 3.3 (PCC 3.3), offering masterless load demand and paralleling functionalities.  Cummins also offers round-the-clock local support for mobile power systems and services that meet any short- or long-term need.

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With no upgrades needed on these Tier 2 engines, the generators are ready to use for the entire product lifecycle. Now is the time to purchase and take advantage of this FLEX credit program.  “We have a limited supply of these Tier 2 FLEX credits, but we have product available today both in stock and ready to build in the 500 kW to 2 MW range.  We are actively encouraging customers interested in these eligible generator sets to reach out,” stated John Gibbons, General Manager for the North America Rental Business.

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